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Facial Treatments

Skin Analysis Only Appointment - 1/2 Hour:  $100.00


Please note all facial treatments include a complimentary Skin Analysis




Richard Haxton's One of a Kind 

Nonsurgical Face lift

Haxton's age-reversing technology can produce many of the benefits of plastic surgery but with no downtime or use of harsh chemicals or injections, resulting in a more youthful, smooth and sculpted appearance.  It combines an advanced form of clinical micro-dermabrasion with an exclusive form of endermologie and other proprietary methods.


Single Treatment - $225.00


Series of 6 $1215.00
Series of 8 $1620.00
Series of 10


Series of 12 $2430.00





Light Rejuvenation




Rejuvenation Light Therapy is composed of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) of high radiance and low energy frequency.  These safe and healing light-waves permeate directly into the dermis producing new collagen to rejuvenate and produce the benefits of

Red light-wave (length 640nm=5nm)

Blue light-wave (length480nm+5nm)

•  Smooths wrinkles

• Stimulates collagen in the deeper levels

• Reduces age spots

• Diminishes dark circles

• Reduces blemishes and discolorations

• Brightens complexion immediately

• Reduces pore size

• Improves circulation

• Reduces acne

• Adjusts cells immunity and skin metabolism

• Improves oiliness for deep cleansing

A Beneficial Addition To All Other Facial Treatments

Session includes skin analysis - $160.00



Clinical Microdermabrasion Facials

This advanced form of clinical microdermabrasion is a healthy alternative to painful and expensive medical resurfacing, yet provides improvement of lines, scars, and other skin imperfections without downtime and recovery, and at a fraction of the cost.

The 45 minute treatment includes:

  • Full skin analysis
  • Advanced clinical microdermabrasion treatment
  • Custom facial



Great for treating acne, acne-scars, fine lines, hyperpigmentation & sun damage.

Single Treatment $150.00


Series of 6 $810.00
Series of 8 $1080.00
Series of 10 $1350.00
Series of 12 $1620.00



Haxton's Transformational Customized Chemical Peels

Great for all skin types! Brightens and tightens skin to produce plump, hydrated, soft smooth skin. Dramatically improves weathered, sun damaged skin. Excellent for reducing the effects of aging.







Single Treatment (Face only) - Starting at $100

Single Treatment (Face, Neck & Upper Chest) - Starting at $200.00




Transformational Facial Sculpting



Facial Sculpting offsets environmental aging leaving the face more lifted, sculpted, and rejuvenated, creating a more youthful appearance.

Erase the Effects of Aging



Single Treatment with customized Treatment Mask - $195.00



Haxton's Signature Facial


Cleansing facial customized to exfoliate and detoxify, refine the pores and improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Includes: a hydrating hand treatment.

An excellent introduction to facial treatments

75 min - $140.00





Teen Facial

The perfect way to introduce teens to the advantages of good skin care. The facial will help minimize acne problems and balance adolescent skin.

Good for all skin types

75 min - $130.00






Acne Reduction

A clinical facial that helps control problem skin by using the latest in high-tech equipment to address the issues of problem skin.

60 min - $125.00



Enhance your facial with the following add- ons:






Papaya Enzyme Treatment

Benefits -

Helps to exfoliate and smooth the complexion.






Haxton’s Exclusive Radiance Treatment


Look younger and fresher with first treatment! Safe for all skin types with the results of acid peels without acids. This amazing, anti-aging, all-in-one skin treatment-

•  Firms •  Exfoliates and smoothes •  Detoxifies •  Brightens •  Nourishes with essential vitamins •  Reduces acne •  And even more 

Treatment:  $150.00




Haxton's Transformational Cosmeceuticals

The exclusive Haxton’s Reverse Time skincare system is available only for clients. This revolutionary range of skincare products is specifcally formulated to address the demanding needs of environmentally damaged, dull, aging skin. Highly advanced antioxidants, along with the latest respiratory factors, work synergistically to rejuvenate and improve the integrity of the skin for a beautifully smoother, firmer and more luminous appearance.