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Sonja D., Mountain View 3/19/14 Yelp! 5 Stars


5.0 star rating


I was referred by a friend to Richard Haxton's Transformational Skin Solutions. I'd been getting facials and spa treatments randomly, but had never consistently stayed with any particular skin specialist until Richard!! That was almost 4 years ago now and i have been a committed regular with Richard ever since. I absolutely love the treatments i go to him for which are the microdermabrasion, facial sculpting & LED treatment. I can really see the difference in my skin after my visits - looks clear and bright and less puffy. I also consistently get compliments on my skin so Richard is definitely doing something right :-)

What i really appreciate about Richard is that he always talks you through each of the treatments and you really understand the impact it has on your skin. He gives extremely good advice and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work. I also love the products he uses - he develops them himself and feel great on the skin.

The salon itself is extremely clean and provides a very relaxing and calming environment. There is always plenty of parking.

Richard has a wonderful personality and i always look forward to my treatments with him. I highly recommend him.

Jessica T., Massachusetts, CA 1/24/14  Yelp! 5 Stars

5.0 star rating


I started going to Richard when I was working in Bay Area based on a friend's recommendation. The same day results were noticeable dramatic. The puffiness was gone, my skin was smooth and hydrated, and my bone structure was more defined. His educational background in skin therapy has not been matched by any other location or practitioner I have seen.  Even though I am no longer staffed for work on the West coast, I continue to make the 3000 mile trips for Richard to do my facials. I don't trust anyone else to touch my face.

Wanda W., Pacifica 12/11/13 Yelp! 5 Stars


5.0 star rating


I was referred to Richard Haxton by a mutual friend. I was so impressed with the results of his skin care treatments on her that I had to know what she had been doing to her face.

Richard Haxton really loves his profession and his passion shows in his work. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the results from my initial treatment with Richard. He took his time explaining to me about the process of non-surgical facelift and what he would be doing to treat my skin.He also educated me about the proper foods to eat for healthy skin and what environmental to avoid.

As an African American woman, I was a little concerned, but at the end of the treatment, I immediately noticed a difference in appearance. As I left his office with my face glowing and no make-up, I felt rejuvenated and more alive. I can't wait for the subsequent treatments.

I've also referred him to some of my friends.


ALB, Palo Alto 11/14/13

5.0 star rating
I was considering having a surgical facelift, but a trusted colleague recommended that I see Richard before making my decision.  I have been seeing him for Haxton's Non-Surgical Face-Lift and LED Light Rejuvenation for several months, and the results have been amazing.  I am constantly complimented on my beautiful skin and healthy glow.  Someone mistook my husband for my father and he is only eight years older than I am and looks great!  Richard is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have beautiful skin.  I call him the Skin Wizard.


Tuan D., Palo Alto

5.0 star rating


Richard's work is truly amazing. He is very professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable about Skincare. I highly recommend anyone to come for his service and you will start to see your life changed in a very positive way. Great job! Thank you, Richard.


Astrid B. Cupertino

5.0 star rating


I first heard about Richard Haxton from the Doctor I work for. He and his fiancé had been raving about their results, which I had noticed. I was apprehensive as I tend to have highly allergic skin.  Now that I am getting into my mid 40’s with 3 children, I am noticing the signs of accelerated aging.  I'm so glad I decided to come in for the non-surgical face-lift.  After the first treatment, I was amazed.  I have just finished my third treatment adding the LED and Ultrasound and cannot believe how youthful my skin looks.  I have not looked this young in years. If you are ready to rejuvenate your appearance and turn back the clock, I would highly recommend Richard Haxton’s Transformational Skin Solutions of Los Altos. He is very professional, caring, and well educated.


Carol, NP, Palo Alto

5.0 star rating


I have always been curious but never ventured to making an appointment till I was introduced to Richard. I would call a salon or spa and never felt I received adequate information of the therapy and information I requested prior to making an appointment. Being a healthcare professional I want to be informed and ask questions to understand what will be done to me and why. Richard is very detailed in language you understand and his explanations of his therapies integrate science with the process so that you understand what he is doing and why. Richard gives excellent teach back instructions on your post appointment care and even a follow up call. I am very impressed with Richards professionalism and skill. My results are amazing, giving me a much more youthful and healthy look. He is amazing and I have the highest standards so to meet them is impressive. I highly recommend  Skin Solutions in Los Altos to everyone. On another note he is an all round great person with a fabulous personality that you want to be around.

Heather Millar Gowen 

5.0 star rating


This evening, my yoga instructor (who is younger than I am) thought I was in high school. Then earlier in the day, a nurse at work thought I was a student... Thank you Richard Haxton

Elle Smith
5.0 star rating


April 5, 2013
Richard's treatments are truly the fountain of youth. People guess me 10 years younger now! So glad you're in Los Altos, LOVE the new location!   Richard's advanced education and true caring makes a difference in your skin and your life.

Facial Sculpting by Heidi Chang    -  see article above

Yelp!  5 Star Reviews 

Dr. Justin M., San Francisco, CA   Yelp!  5 stars


5.0 star rating



Richard does great work and is the best facialist I have seen in the bay area.  I have referred patients to him and they have raved about their results.  I am a Physician that uses natural medicine to help improve my patients energy, hormones and weight.  Richard's services have helped my patients improve their look and taken years of their skin faster.  His non-surgical face-lift technique is non-abrasive and does not cause any skin irritation that you may see from other procedures.


Julia V. ,San Jose, CA    Yelp!  5 stars

5.0 star rating



Richard is amazing! I found Richard through a Living Social deal. I'd been buying facials and spa treatments left and right through my Living Social account, but had never gone back to any of the places.  The location inside is super nice, clean, and relaxing. Richard is very personable, and I felt comfortable with him right away. He provided me with a lot of information about my skin, the process, his training and background, and the importance of good diet and hydration for my skin.  Richard has his own products that you can buy. He didn't want to sell them to me at our first meeting, and encouraged me to do my own research first to understand why the products worked, and then I could purchase them from him at our next meeting. Ultimately, I felt so fantastic and looked so good after my facial, that I wanted the products that he had used, so I insisted that I would buy them then and there. The products are as amazing as Richard. His amino lift product is absolutely MAGIC!  I've been back to Richard on a regular basis. He always treats me very fairly, and I trust that he really just cares about people. My skin looks amazing, and people often guess that I am 10 years younger than I really am.


Ghia E. San Jose, CA   Yelp!  5 stars


5.0 star rating



Describing Richard's magic in a yelp review is nearly impossible, but here goes.  I've never been loyal to any skin care professional, because they all just seem so blah. Richard is different though. A year or so back I came to him with so many concerns about my face (bigger pores, wrinkles, PIMPLES, dry skin, etc), and who would have thunk that he would have me running back to him consistently? I eagerly await each appointment and always get such a satisfying result. He gives me so many tips about how to take care of my skin and I just tried one now, and ooo lala my skin is so smooth. He's genuinely just wants to make sure you feel good about your skin and he just does what he can to have a positive impact. Thank you Richard!!!



Rich R.,  San Jose, CA    Yelp!  5 stars


5.0 star rating



I went to see Richard because I am about to go on vacation and I have heard that he is one of the best in the Bay Area. I can confirm that the service that I received was one of the best I have ever had!   So it starts off with an informative breakdown of the skin and the significance of facial care, dietary consumptions, and medical pointers in which raised my awareness as to how to better take care of my self and skin.  Richard is a Medical Skin Care Specialist and so I was expecting a doctors clinic and I was pleasantly surprised as he has a nicely decorated office in a center. I hopped onto the table and he put some medicated cleansing soap which was needed to perform a facial profile to understand my skin type, with a special light before the microdermabrasion commenced.  After that a cleansing mask, which smelled of papayas, was applied and I could feel my skin becoming firmer from that alone (what is in it?) and then I got a hand massage with a nice moisturizing type of oil and some warming mitts.  Finally an acne cream was applied and my face seems significantly slimmer, healthier, and dare I say, happier from this experience. I intend on coming back!  There is a review that someone is expecting results through time over quality. Time spent does not equal quality. After a deep cleansing to your face it can be expected that breakouts could occur especially if you don't maintain your face or health, as Richard's treatment will (or any other) break up the old toxins and draw them out or away, and one will usually need to go periodically for maintenance. A teenager could figure this out. Richard H. is a medical Skin Care Specialist who apparently had celebrity clientele and offers luxury products. Key word is "Medical" and although his settings are spa-like, it isn't a spa.  Anyway, I plan on going back since I have to do some public speaking soon! Wish me luck!


Valerie B., San Carlos, CA  Yelp!  5 stars


5.0 star rating



Richard Haxton is amazing. Met him through a recommendation from a friend and have been more than pleased with his services. There is no other place that I know of for tangible facial sculpting results. He has advanced degrees in medical skin care and his detoxifying approach shows results as if I had gone under the knife. If you serious about your skin and aren't interested in the fluffy facial, Richard is for you. He's amazing!


Tomitha B.,  Seattle, WA     Yelp!   5 stars


5.0 star rating



I met Richard and it was a pleasant surprise to find a professional with his training, talent and passion.  I was expecting your typical spa experience, with fragrant oils and a massage of some sort.  But this was Grade A medical level treatment on top of the spa experience.  I am so pleased with the results!  After the first session I was hooked.  In addition to the quality of his services, I appreciate his integrity and kindness as a business person.  --what more can you say about the person who makes you look FABulous?


V B.,  Sunnyvale, CA   Yelp!  5 stars


5.0 star rating


I've just returned from a facial sculpting session with Richard and the results are remarkable!  

My skin looks healthier and is more pliant than it has been in years.  In addition to being

extremely knowledgeable in his field, he has a very soothing demeanor; a true professional!

I looking forward to my next treatment with him.


Rod S.  Mountain View, CA     Yelp!  5 stars


5.0 star rating


With the challenging economy that we are living with now, I feel it's even more important to present oneself in a positive light.  I am a male client and Richard's facial resurfacing and sculpting along with his nutritional guidance has made me look 12 to 15 years younger.  His specialized techniques are only available in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area and I was very fortunate to have a friend refer me to his office. I am looking younger and refreshed, friends are now asking me if I've just gotten back from vacation or had a little "something" done! With Richard Haxton, I received the serious results I was looking for.


Elle V.  Mountain View, CA  Yelp!  5 stars

5.0 star rating


I met Richard through another of his clients who has beautiful skin.  He is absolutely amazing and I trust all of his advice completely.

His peels are gentle yet effective and I also see him for his facial sculpting and dermabrasion.I absolutely LOVE the facial sculpting.

My face is looking better & better. Lines and wrinkles are just vanishing!

His unique methods and caring personality makes each visit the highlight of my week.  I see Richard weekly and I've never looked better!


Dorthy T.

Redwood City, CA

5.0 star rating



I have been a client of Richard's for several months and he has provided skin care beyond anything or anyone I have known. My skin is very, shall we say, mature!  And so am I! Understanding that he had a lot of "work" to do, I can tell you he worked miracles.  Am I pleased with the results? Absolutely! I would recommend Richard, his knowledge, his expertise, his professionalism, his products to anyone interested in improving the quality and health of his or her skin.  I have had people ask me to prove I am the age I say I am because I look 10-15 years younger.   Richard is excellent in all that he does for you. That's the truth.



Shelly M.

Austin, TX

5.0 star rating



I've had several facials throughout my life but I've never experienced a facial quite like Richard's. Richard's technique is unique and really works. It's more like a facial you would receive from a dermatologist minus all the chemicals in a spa-like atmosphere. I've had 4 facials from Richard over the past 6 months and I can say that my skin has never looked better. I had started to have dark and puffy circles under my eyes but after these treatments, they have practically disappeared. My face is no longer puffy and I can say that.  The treatments are relaxing and Richard's always been a joy to work with. Facials are pricey but the results are priceless!  Thanks for everything Richard!